Boring Tweets = Dead Tweets

Let me just preface this in saying that if you’re reading my blog then this lil’ rant probably isn’t about you, and if you think it is then maybe you should take a look at your own twitter feed and make some changes.

Sooooo …

I’ve been off the social networking stuff for a while. When I was on it before I remember fun posts and interesting conversations with some of the greatest group of ladies I’ve ever met. Over the last couple of years some of them have moved on, others are still around, but have changed their interests, and others have changed their tweets to be more business related and less “fun.”

As a new author, I thought it would be a good idea to follow those that support my book and see what these people might have to say. I found that I was disappointed in some of them because all they tweeted about were book reviews, cover reveals, excerpts from their own book or information about someone else’s story their pimping. Yes, I think every writer should support who they can, but I think they’ve missed what twitter is really about and the fun that can be had if they’d just come out of their business box for two minutes and actually make friends. You can still be supportive without being boring. Besides, when all you do is post about books, how many people are really listening? I’m an avid reader, but I can only see so many book recommendations before I tune you out. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I have a few authors that I follow that I enjoy immensely. Why? Because they tweet about everyday stuff. They tweet about the silly things their kids do or say, post pictures of how cute their kidlet is *winks at KS*, inspirational things that they’ve learned throughout their lives, pictures of McHotties that keep them inspired as they write, the stupid stuff they did or saw that day, and so on. Not every post is about books. They relate to their readers in a way that I think many authors forget to do. They banters back and forth with people who are not only interested in their stories, but in their lives. I’ve met some pretty awesome women through social media; women who have changed my perspective, helped me with my stories, and been there when I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on or laughed with me over something stupid I’ve done or said. Yes, my writing may have brought them to me, but it was our chatting on twitter and other social sites that kept us together. If I didn’t respond and chat with them then I would’ve missed out on some amazing friendships.

I know that in this day and age you have to be careful with social media, but let’s face it, being too careful can be boring. If I’m going to waste my time on Facebook or Twitter then I want it to be fun. I’d much rather read about the funny story you had while walking your dog than where your book landed on the Amazon top-selling list. I may follow you because of your book, or your support of my own book, but what keeps me around is if you’re interesting and have something interesting to say that relates to me personally.

So, if you think you may have a boring twitter feed (and I’m sure I fall in that category sometimes since trying to get back into the groove) then make some changes and entertain. You write romance/erotica/comedy/suspense/mystery/etc. so there’s no excuse. Entertaining your readers shouldn’t stop with your novel.

Until next time…


P.S. Read this and adapt it to fit your needs if you need more thoughts about what to tweet.

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