Fictionista Workshop Applications Are Open!

As most of you may know, I’m involved with Fictionista Workshop. There has been some confusion as to what FW actually is, so I thought I’d clear that up right away. Fictionista is a group of ladies dedicated to help authors improve their writing through honest and productive critique. They have several programs to accomplish this goal, but the one I’d like to bring to your attention today is the workshop.

The workshops are critique groups where an author submits their completed, original manuscript to a team of five. The team consists of an editor, characterization participant, dialogue participant, analyst participant and research participant. Each focuses on a specific area of the manuscript, but can also add more comments in other areas if they see something out of place. Everyone is accepted that applies, however, writers are limited to how many participants sign up. Which is why we need your help!

Even if you don’t write or know anything about writing, we could still use your reading expertise. Have you ever read a book or other fiction writing and thought…”There’s no way that would happen.” Or “What the heck is wrong with that character? Normal people don’t act like that.” Or “I’ve worked in the medical field/lawyer/accountant/etc. for XX years and that person would be arrested for what they’re doing.” If you’ve answered yes to any of these thoughts, then you can do this job. When I was the analyst participant in the first round of workshops, we didn’t know what we were doing and we still managed to help the author grow and improve her story. So, what I’m saying is that no experience is required to participate. You’ll learn as you go.

Applications are open on the Fictionista website until April 15th. The application should only take about 10 minutes to fill out. I’ve submitted my latest manuscript, so you might even end up on my workshop if it is chosen. The workshops will run for approximately twelve weeks and have a weekly time commitment of a one-hour skype call and however long it takes you to read and critique a maximum of 7500 words a week. THAT’S IT! Easy-peasy.

I know that several of you are writing original stories. Is it finished? If so, submit it to the workshop! I can’t stress enough how much it helped my writing and turned Ready to Love Again into something I was proud to post. If you are in the process of writing a story, and it’s not complete, join the workshop as a participant. The experience will help you become a better writer and also help you know what’s expected when/if you submit your manuscript later.

 What Fictionista is looking for:

  • Writers – of original fiction who have completed stories between approximately 35,000-130,000 words.
  • Participants – who are readers, observers, and constructive critics, with an eye for detail and knowledge of what makes a good story.
  • Editors - who have a keen understanding of the English language, to review and edit the writer’s work while offering additional comments as needed to improve the story.
  • Moderators  – who can direct and lead a group of individuals while maintaining a respectful and professional atmosphere.

If you have anymore questions then send me an email.

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