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I’ve been MIA lately and want to apologize. I’ve been wrapped up in a few projects that have taken my time, which have left me almost no time to update my website. Besides working on my own writing goals, there is an awesome project I want to share with you today. As some of you may know, I’ve been involved with Fictionista Workshop, in one form or another, for almost a year. It is a wonderful website devoted to help women authors succeed in their goals to become better writers. The workshop has been an amazing experience and I would encourage anyone to sign up and participate in any capacity that they can. You can learn more about the workshops HERE. What I want to share with you today is a new program that they are launching called the Writing Collective. Here is a little bit of information on this new and exciting project that you can sign up for.

The Writing Collective

The Collective will include writing groups of three authors paired together based on writing strengths and weakness. Everyone involved in a writing group will gain valuable knowledge, edits, and feedback on their writing with no cost to them. Every week advice, resources, and ideas will be provided by FW. Our objective is to motivate authors so they are productive and reach their writing goals. The Collective offers different avenues for writers depending on where each author is in their writing process.

How it Works
Groups are paired so each person contributes something to the group. Authors will be paired with those who have strengths in the areas they are weakest. After the writing groups are chosen, each group will receive a more solidified schedule for their group. Every week during the Collective, Fictionista Workshop will provide a PDF or link to a new lesson in the Writing Classroom. At the end of the week, each author will anonymously send in their weekly writing for the others in their group to read, edit, analyze, and critique. A schedule will be set for weekly online chat sessions (meetings) where the group members can get together (anonymously) to discuss what they’ve written and read from their fellow group members during the following week.

Where to Sign Up
Fictionista Workshop wants to implement the best, most helpful writing experience possible. With the Writing Collective, FW will provide authors an outlet for when they feel discouraged or have no one else to turn to. To apply for the Writing Collective, please CLICK HERE.

You can read more about the collective by clicking HERE.

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