Hello world!

YAY! My site is up and running . . . sort of. The process has been long and grueling for one as technologically challenged as myself.  It seems that when I tried to download/upload/whatever WordPress to my hosting company, I inadvertently uploaded it four times.  Well, when it’s been uploaded that many times, it does something to make it so you can’t get any of them to work correctly. LOL

After figuring out that I couldn’t fix it myself, I had to call my hosting company and they had to go in and set everything straight.  They are going to earn their paycheck when it comes to me. *wink*

Then I had to learn what an RSS feed was, which was like a foreign language to me. I’m still not positive that I have it installed correctly, so we’ll have to wait and see. I think I have it correct since tests are showing that all is well. *crosses fingers*

So, with that being said, I’m getting the site ready and trying out some of the features before I unleash the site on the unsuspecting. mwahahahah. Hopefully we’ll have it up and running by the time NanoWriMo starts so I can focus on something else besides my inept skillz in web design. Ummm, that didn’t happen either. LOL


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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. maggiejoma...(maggie johnson) says:

    looking forward to more…have enjoyed all your stories, and looking forward to more…:)

  2. songster51 says:

    Looking good, Missie. I look forward to seeing this as it progresses.

  3. ikss / Karen says:

    The story posting looks great with the banner and the way the summary and chapters are set up and I love what you say about it in your little blurb.

  4. ikss / Karen says:

    Not a lot here, but looks good so far! Love the Monterrey pic at the top and the color scheme is soothing and easy on the eyes. Font sizes are good, as well.